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    Welcome to the Conservative Action Project website. We are an Arkansas-based grassroots political action organization dedicated to the free market and the preservation of limited government. Under the guise of the current economic crisis, President Barak Obama is trying to remake our government and economy into the image of today's European social welfare state. We oppose the left-wing radical agenda of Obama and the Democratic Party because it will not lead us back to prosperity.
   Grassroots political action is the greatest tool in our efforts to reclaim the prosperity of the free market, and maintain our liberty through limited government. We must organize and work hard to elected representatives who resolutely stand for economic freedom, and oppose growing government control over our economy. We hope you agree and will join us in this effort.

                                Ed Schimberg, co-founder CAP

Calvin Coolidge
30th President of the United States
Andrew W. Mellon, 49th Treasury Secretary of the United States
            Oppose the Axis of Taxes

Join the grassroots movement to bring back economic prosperity through tax cuts, a balanced budget, and reducing national debt

cutting policies restored economic prosperity in the early 1920s, so Reagan's supply-side policies did the same in the early 1980s. Even though Reagan dramatically increased defense spending, he tried to trim the government budget in other areas but come up against a solid wall of Democratic Party opposition. The failure to control government spending was not the fault of tax cuts, but of liberals who believe in big government.
.Just as FDR's soak-the-rich policies did not work in the 1930s to end the Great Depression, similar policies by President Barak Obama and congressional Democrats will not work today in restoring to us a vibrant economy. A look back in time to the early 1920's will show us a free market, supply-side plan
that does work. In the aftermath of the Great War (WW1) the US economy hit the skids in 1920, with joblessness
hitting almost 12% in 1921, and the national debt ballooning to more than  $20 billion. President Warren Harding recruited industrialist and financier Andrew Mellon, the third richest man
in the US, to devise a plan to boost investment without incurring more debt. Mellon's philosophy to end the severe recession in the early 20s was what we call today supply-side economics. In his book Taxation, The People's Business, Mellon noted, "It seems difficult for some to understand that high rates of taxation do not necessarily mean large revenue to the Government, and that more revenue may often be obtained by lower (tax) rates." After Mellon became treasury secretary in 1921, he led the charge to reduce the highest tax rate from 74% to 24%, and the lowest rate from 4% to 1/2 of 1%. Mellon's tax-cutting policy produced the greatest period of economic growth in US history up to that point, a time we now know as "The Roaring 20s." During the six years President Calvin Coolidge was in office (1923-29), unemployment averaged 3.3% and inflation 1% -- the lowest misery index of any president in the 20th century. Furthermore, Mellon's views that lower tax rates bring in more revenue for government were proven correct: in the early 1920s, when  the highest rate was 73%, the total income tax revenue was a little more than $700 million. In 1928-29, with the top rate slashed to 24%, the total revenue topped $1billion. In addition, under  Mellon's stewardship at the Treasury Department, the United States had a budget surplus from 1923-29. We would be wise to follow the proven Mellon plan today in order to start our economic recovery plan. With our national debt increasing by leaps and bounds, high taxation will be a horrible burden for our children and grandchildren, and it will drastically eat away at our future economic growth.

Ronald Reagan
One of Ronald Reagan's favorite presidents was Calvin Coolidge. Reagan liked Coolidge because he was a man of high moral character, respected the free market, and knew that the business of America is providing a limited government favorable to business expansion. Reagan                                           
campaigned in 1980 on a platform of      cutting high income taxes to produce     more investment and more government  revenue. He stated that government is    not the solution, but that it was the        problem. The tax policies of the Reagan supply-side revolution spawned the        creation of 16 million jobs, and an          annual rate of economic growth of          3.4%. Just as the Coolidge-Mellon tax-                                                       
Wise words on the economy from Fred Thompson
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